We aim to meet your specific needs in terms of videoconferencing and web broadcasting.

The Aquarium, as a hybrid platform, provides its participants with every tool necessary to tackle online video sharing & live streaming conferences, events, classes, shows, team meetings and webinars.

In addition, a secure and confidential payment system, provides a safe way of reaching your audience by monetizing your web casts and video conferences, via our integrated ticketing system. As an integrated web application for ease of access from anywhere, the Aquarium was designed to allow our customers to maintain meetings, exchanges with offices of foreign cities, yoga classes and public events, in a secure environment.

Video conferences


Meetings in the Aquarium allow you to host many-to-many conference style interactions where you can freely interact in full HD voice and video. Video conferencing allows participants to interact with each other on several channels, including video, sound, chat, screen sharing, token authentication for maximum security and privacy and more.


A secure meeting space for you and your team's needs that is always available to jump in for a quick meeting. These rooms are dedicated meeting spaces with no time constraints, giving anyone a virtual meeting space that is always available. Single click join lets anyone that belongs to your team to jump in for a fast chat, lunch or impromptu meeting, without the hassle of setting up a meeting and inviting others.


Live video distribution solution, optimized for one-to-many delivery with increased scalability, HD video quality and adaptive bitrate streaming. Live streaming allows for audience interaction via chat as well as the option to record your webinar. Fill out a webinar request form in The Aquarium to be processed and set up with a streaming link. Use your own encoder such as OBS or Streamyard to manage your broadcast and have it integrated into The Aquarium.

Monetize your events

Turn every live stream or conference into a public event, and enable our virtual ticket option, to facilitate the monetization of any event. The ticket system allows you to monetize webinars, meetings, classes, conferences, live shows, performances and more. Token authentication and secure flow provide an easy and secure purchasing flow for your entire audience, and link sharing to a unique event page facilitates public engagement.

A standalone solution

The Aquarium includes the following basic features

HD Video quality and adaptive bitrate streaming

The Aquarium supports HD video with adaptive streaming capabilities. This allows users to maximize their experience by providing a video of the highest usable quality to each individual participant, while maintaining service.

Single touch join

Invite others to join as a team and use the same common space together, or simply invite a guest over to your meeting or webcast, with a single touch authentication invitation.

Capacity and use on demand

The Aquarium is a scalable solution that can fit 1 to 10000 participants between the live stream and video conferencing solution. It facilitates setting up dedicated streaming and conferencing servers specific to your audience or your team's needs.

Webinar Live Streaming

Live Streaming to allow viewers to stream anywhere and with every internet speed. The solution includes an RTMP streaming module to give your stream the opportunity to reach the largest audience possible.


The management of your Aquarium is secured and accessible via a private dashboard with up to 10 Admins and 3 rooms. Assigning managers and team members, inviting participants, sharing your booking events and viewing reports directly from your dashboard.


Reporting tools include meeting attendance & sales report, length of stay and participation ID. With our white label solution, we offer a customized reporting option that allows you to track your important KPI's to gage the impact of each conference..


Our integrated calendar is compatible with Google, Microsoft and iCal calendars. Easily create meetings and invite as many guests as you would like.

Token authentication

The Aquarium comes equipped with password and token authentication, user authorisation and token ticket purchasing options, with a secure payment flow.

Extra addon features

Go to the next level


Full monetization integration with token authentication for live streaming or video conferencing events with the inclusion of participant purchase validation and authentication.

Advanced levels of security and compatibility

In addition to the basic level of room password authentication, we can provide you with two extra levels of security. By implementing user authentication via username and password or for even greater protection, we suggest domain level authentication. This can be fully customized to your security needs.

Customize your own Aquarium

If you would like to integrate our platform and use the power of it's solution in your own website we offer our white label solution. If you have special requirements such as security, additional features or to connect with your own payment gateway and back-end, we can develop a custom-made and tailored solution to meet any situation and requirements.

the complete feature list

Features Meetings Webinars
Maximum conferences Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum concurrent participants 100* 10 000
Conference duration Unlimited Unlimited
Admin users** 10 10
Rooms 3 On demand
Responsive design Yes Yes
Calendar of conferences Yes Yes
Live video quality HD Adaptive Bitrate HD Adaptive Bitrate
Camera and microphone control Yes Yes
Screen sharing Yes Yes
Recording Optional Yes
Dashboard Yes Yes
Integrate company branding*** Yes Yes
Post-Meeting Reports Yes Yes
Performance Reports Yes Yes
Customer Support Yes Yes
Google/Microsoft/iCal Calendar integration Yes Yes
Languages English/French English/French
* 30 participants with HD camera on
** Additional rooms and admins available as an upgrade
*** White label only
End-to-end encryption Optional No
Password protection Yes Yes
Token authentication Yes Yes
Secure payment flow Yes Yes
Online ticketings Yes Yes
Event page with event details Yes Yes
Sales reports Yes Yes

Pricing Options

No need to pay for features you won't use!

The Aquarium offers you three (3) ways to maximize your video conferencing investments.


You can rent by use, that is to say à la carte. You want a single videoconference or a webinar, you only pay for what you need.
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You can buy an annual Basic Aquarium which allows you to have up to ten (10) administrators and three (3) virtual video conferencing rooms allowing you to hold as many meetings and webinars as you wish.
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White Label

You can purchase the Aquarium technology solution in white label and have it on your own personalized website in proprietary code.
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